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Due to a Horrendous Winter (ongoing) we are not shipping charcoal 4.17.17

Custom Charcoal is located in North Eastern California in the forest near Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta’s pristine mountain lakes and rivers, majestic forests, and miles of backcountry provide plenty of timber of all kinds for making lump charcoal. These forests are are composed of Firs, Pines, Cedars, Western Black Oak, Big Leaf Maple, Alder, Big Leaf and Small Leaf Willow, wild Grape and numerous other species.

We are concentrating on building smokeless kilns and coppicing Willow at this time.  We are trying to find the perfect end point of the charring process to where most of the tars are gone but some volatiles remain to give a good burn.  We use coppiced Pacific Willow  (Saliix lucida ssp lasiandra), also know as Western Black Willow,  indigenous to this area. We harvest the stems up to three inches in diameter down to finger size.   The willow roots will send up stems vigorously and will be ready to harvest every three years.


I would be interested to know if anyone would want to try Grapevine charcoal.  If there is interest I will harvest a bunch run it through a kiln.


Specializing in…

  • Willow Lump Charcoal
  • FREE drinks, beverages, and music
  • Listen to Hook Jaw Brown for some excellent river music!
  • Exclusive souvenirs



We are located in Northern California surrounded open space, and dense forests.